Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My knitting journey

Just as my house ‘Tammy’ (we just decided on its name) turned 1, I also hit the 1st year anniversary for my knitting journey. I have always wanted to learn how to knit. Years ago I managed to get someone to ‘teach’ me, but obviously she wasn’t a very good teacher. She never told me not to start with black colour when you’re just learning (!!!) and also she ended up finishing my scarf for me rather than let learn and make mistakes.

Anyhoo, about this time last year we have this new lady coming to our church. We get to know each other and turns out she’s a knitter. She was looking for a knitting buddy and since I’ve always interested in it, I said yes. She offered me to use her needles and taught me how to do the knit and purl stitches. As usual, we started with a scarf. It took me a month to finish it and unfortunately at the end, I made a big mistake!! -.- I managed to save the scarf and it has been used a few times by my lovely husband since it became his (I really appreciate him for being nice and very excited about the scarf even though it is crooked. He still thinks it’s perfect). After that, my friend suggested for me to do another scarf or a beanie, but me being overconfident, I just decided to do a top for myself as my 2nd project. 

Long story shorts, I have turned into a knitting junkie. I have yarns everywhere and still think it is not enough. I subscribe to knitting websites, buy knitting magazines/patterns, and have so many knitting projects on the go. Turns out knitting is back to be the ‘cool thing’ again at the moment and it is extremely therapeutic (unless of course when you’re making a mistake, it can be extremely stressful).  Youtube videos and instructions on websites are also very helpful. I learned lots of techniques from the internet. So far I have made scarves, vests, booties, and dolls. I think everyone should knit, it is definitely very rewarding. ^_^

My first ever knitting project

The scarves/cowl

The Booties

Key rings with initials

Super R and Minion

His and hers top

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